This Is What Happens to Your Body If You Eat Turmeric Every Day

Both the continent of Asia and the sub-continent of India have fantastically exotic cuisine in relation to the western palate. Oftentimes these region-specific dishes contain spices that traders have been transporting to the west for millennia. 

Yet, these spices that come from plants and roots have been in great demand all over the world due not only to their ability to create flavorful dishes, but also because of their medicinal properties. 

One great example is Turmeric. Closely related to ginger, its one of the essential ingredients in a good curry, adding flavor, color, and important health benefits. 

Take a look at a few reasons why we recommend you add turmeric to your list of regularly used spices. 

It fights cancer
It reduces swelling
It’s good for the cardiovascular system
It’s good for the nervous system

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