Drink This Juice To Help Reverse Your Fatty Liver

Our liver is the second largest organ in our body, and it participates in several different bodily functions, such as digestion, nutrient usage, the removal of harmful substances, and coagulation regulation. Factors such as stress, smoking, drinking, and bad eating habits can harm our liver.

Having a fatty liver is one of the most common liver problems. This condition develops due to the amount of extra fat in your diet that your body can't process.

Since there’s no specific medication for fatty liver, it’s mainly treated through lifestyle changes, such as better eating habits (a low-fat diet), weight loss, and regular physical activity. In order to help reverse this condition, today we're going to teach you a powerful recipe that only calls for two ingredients, both of which are great for your liver. 

Here's the recipe:


Two lemons;
One medium-sized beet;
One cup of water.


Blend the beet and water in a blender, and then strain the mixture.
Once that’s done, squeeze the lemons and add them to the juice.
It's recommended that you drink this three times a day, for a whole week. 
Always make a fresh batch whenever it's time to drink it.


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