Combine Aspirin With Lemon to Remove Hard Foot Skin, Corns and Calluses

Fungi and calluses are two of the most common foot-related problems. They can crop up either due to constant friction or exposure to several different types of microorganisms. Our feet become inflamed, painful, and ugly. There are several different types of treatments for these problems, and they’re both cheap and easy to make.  These treatments are home remedies that have been made specifically to keep your feet healthy.

One of the best recipes calls for aspirin and lemon juice. Neither of these ingredients are aggressive, so they can be used on any type of skin. This mixture is great at exfoliating and cleansing the hardened parts of our skin. 

The callused areas turn soft with this aspirin and lemon juice exfoliator, which helps our feet to shed the dead skin. Aspirin also serves as an antiseptic due to its chemical composition. It eliminates the fungi and bacteria that cause itchiness. It also gets rid of bad odors, and is rich in beta-hydroxy acid, acting as an excellent exfoliant. 

Aspirin also has anti-inflammatory properties, lessens pain and relieves foot tension. Aspirin’s properties can be especially helpful on days of strenuous physical activity. Furthermore, it can lighten dark spots and sunburns.

5 aspirin pills, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 pumice stone. 

Crush the pills with a pestle or heavy object and mix the powder with the lemon juice until it forms a paste. If it’s too thick, add a little more lemon juice or water.

Wash your feet well;
Apply a thin layer of the paste to the hardened areas of your feet and let it sit for half an hour;
Once the time is up, wash your feet with plenty of warm water;
Massage those areas with the pumice stones to remove the dead skin cells;
Remove the dead skin with warm water and dry well. 

Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times a week. After each treatment, in order to achieve the best results, moisturize your feet with a good lotion to keep them from drying out.