Are Prunes Good for You? 6 Reasons to Add Them to Your Diet

Most people immediately associate prunes with a natural remedy for constipation. While that is one great use of prunes, it’s not the only one.
They’re simply sweet, dried plums that many people eat strictly for the great taste.
So, besides being a great snack, what are some other reasons you might want to add prunes to your grocery list?
1. They Relieve Constipation
Marketed as a digestive remedy for quite some time, they have a distinct laxative effect. In fact, they’re more effective than the plant used to make Metamucil. Prunes are high in both fiber and sorbitol—a natural sugar that helps make bowel movement easier. If you have difficulties staying regular, buy a bag of prunes and eat a few everyday. Make sure you don’t eat too many because they can cause other gastrointestinal issues in excess.
2. High in Antioxidants
Prunes top out higher on the antioxidant scale than another very popular superfood, blueberries. They have iron and manganese in high doses which protect the cells from damage brought on by free radicals.
3. Sharpen Vision
If you’re going to have good eye sight, you will need a lot of Vitamin A. Just a few prunes are able to provide 10% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A. Greater Vitamin A levels reduce the risk of night blindness, macular degeneration, and cataracts. 4. Protection Against Brittle Bones
Women who have gone through menopause often lack the proper amount of potassium. A normal serving size of prunes could provide the necessary potassium that many of these women lack. This same serving size gives us an entire daily allowance of boron, which will increase estrogen levels. All of those reasons are great, but prunes also work as anti-inflammatories, so that makes them important for those who suffer from arthritis.
5. Promote Cardiovascular Health
Potassium also contributes to our heart’s health. It’s an important mineral in the nervous system too. Having enough potassium in our diets will reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks, as well as minor issues like vertigo. Potassium can also lower blood pressure. Aren’t you glad that prunes have a lot of potassium in them?
6. Healthy Skin
Prunes are great the older we get. The vitamins they contain help us look younger by slowing down the aging process and keeping our skin smooth and wrinkle free. 7. No More Split Ends
A lack of iron often causes hair loss, but it can also lead to excessive dryness. When you don’t get enough iron, hair follicles can break and split. Since prunes have high levels of iron in them, once you start incorporating them into your diet, you can say goodbye to split ends.
Keep in mind that prunes contain a significant amount of natural sugar, so people who are trying to lose weight may want to monitor their prune intake. However, since prunes are packed with vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t take many to make a difference in your health. Experiment with different ways to eat prunes: in smoothies, in hot cereals, and even in cookies or low-fat muffins. They’ll give you a little boost, so pop one or two in your mouth a few minutes before your next run!
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