Stop Throwing Away Empty Toilet Rolls, 6 ways To Reuse them Again

Toilet paper is a household essential. But whenever we finish a toilet paper roll, we often quickly toss it into the trash without giving it a second thought.
It turns out that toilet paper rolls are far more use than we give them credit for.
Here are a few practical uses for toilet paper rolls. Next time, try to use some of these ideas before you toss a roll.
1.Seed starter.
Rather than buying new planters each season, fold the bottom of a toilet paper roll in to close it. Then put soil and seeds inside. Since the cardboard will decompose on its own, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of it once the plant outgrows your planter.
2.Wrapping paper holder.
Let’s face it, we all struggle to keep our extra wrapping paper as organized as we’d like it to be. However, this use for a toilet paper roll will fix that in a hurry. Simply slide one down to the center of the roll and that wrapping paper is no longer unraveling.
3.A bird feeder.
The first step to creating your own bird feeder is to coat a toilet paper roll in peanut butter. This acts as an adhesive to the bird food that you will then coat it with, then slide it onto any tree branch, which will bring all manner of feathered friends to your yard.
4.A desk organizer
You can make cool stationary organizer by spray painting numerous toilet paper rolls any color that you wish. The next and final step is to glue them to a piece of cardboard. The result is an awesome multi-functional desk organizer.
5.Add them to your compost.
If nothing else, cardboard tubes can be added to your compost bin. You can shred them first if you wish, but you don’t have to. It will break down and offer some nice bulk to your compost.
6.A cord organizer.
If you’re sick of tangled wires clogging your cupboards, then this is the use for you. Simply wrap the cord the way you desire and then slide a toilet paper roll over it. This will hold the cord securely in place and prevent it from unraveling.
There Are All Sorts of Crafty Things You Can do with empty toilet rolls specially if you’re a kid. Just use your own creativity.
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