See What Happens If You Start Drinking Water Instead Of Soft Drinks

Water is the 2nd most popular drink in the U.S. after soft drinks. It is a scary fact because soda drinks are extremely harmful for our body and can cause severe health problems.
What will happen in case people replace the soft drinks with water for good?
According to Chris Bailey, a famous lecturer who conducted research about the miraculous benefits of water, found out that what will happen when a person replaces all drinks with water:
You lose weight faster
If you drink water for 9 days, you will burn calories as if you do jogging for 8 km on a daily basis.
You speed up metabolism and boost you
energy levels
Only 2 cups of water each morning is going to improve the metabolism by 24%.
Your brain works better
The brain consists of 75% of water, meaning that you can fuel it only by drinking water. Thus, you will improve your brain functions and concentration.
You eat less
Water will suppress the appetite, leading to faster weight loss.
Your body excretes toxins faster
Water will get rid of the harmful bodily toxins, thus prevents aging.
Water lowers the risk of many diseases
The regular water consumption will prevent development of so many diseases, such as hypertension, bowel cancer, and bladder conditions.
Your heart works better
Only 5 glasses of water per day will reduce by 41% the risk of heart attack.
Your skin becomes softer and cleaner
The regular water consumption is going to moisturize your skin, thus making it soft and clean.
You will save a lot of money
Water is a cheap and will save a lot of money. Besides, your body will be extremely thankful for that.