Is There Any Benefit in an Alkaline Diet?

With so many diets out there today, it is difficult to decide which to follow. One diet that has many benefits is the alkaline diet. The Journal of Environmental Health published a review in 2012 which stated that balancing your body’s pH levels while following an alkaline diet is healthy for your body and can decrease the chances of you contracting diseases. This includes hypertension, Vitamin D deficiency, low bone density and arthritis.
pH levels are measures of acidity or alkalinity in your body. This scale runs between zero to 14, where 0 is completely acidic and 14 is completely alkaline. For the best health results, it is recommended to keep your body’s pH levels between 7.35 and 7.45.
Today’s video will explore the benefits of following an alkaline diet.
1. Prevents Cancer
2. Decreases Pain and Inflammation
3. Decreases Heartburn
4. Boosts Immune System
5. Prevents Nutrient Deficiency
6. Improves Heart Health
7. Weight Management
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