How to Make Aloe Vera Shampoo for hair Growth

Commercial shampoos contain harsh cleansers called sulfates that can dry out and damage your hair over-time.
If you want healthy, shiny hair you can create your own shampoo using Aloe-Vera. Aloe-Vera can gently cleanse the hair and scalp while also conditioning dry and damaged hairs. It’s may also stimulate hair growth
So here is what you need to make Aloe Vera shampoo
2-cups (475-milliliters) distilled water
6-ounces (180-milliliters) liquid castile soap
2-tablespoons Aloe-Vera gel
½-teaspoon jojoba-oil
40-50 drops essential-oils (optional)
2-ounces dried-herbs (optional)
Step1.Harvest Aloe-Vera leaf directly from the plant. Slice the leaf open length-wise and pull apart the two halves. Scoop out the thick, translucent gel with a spoon. If Aloe-Vera leaf is not available, you can also use organic Aloe-Vera gel from a health or natural medicine-shop.
if you want to include natural herbs for added benefits
You can use the combination of these dried herbs: nettle, burdock, rosemary or calendula.
And if you want to include Essential-oils you can use either lavender or tea-tree oil.
Step2.Bring the distilled-water to a boil. Measure out 2-cups of distilled water. Pour the water into a pot. Place the pot on a stove burner over high heat. Bring the water to a rolling boil
Step3.Add the dried herbs of your choice. If you’re using any dried herbs in your shampoo, measure them out now. Remember, don’t use more than 2-ounces total. When the water begins to boil, carefully add the herbs to the pot.
Step4.Cover the pot and reduce the heat to low. After you add the dried-herbs, put a lid on the pot. Reduce the heat to low. This will infuse the water with the herbs. Allow the herbs to steep in the simmering water for 15-20 minutes
Step5.Remove and Pour the hot water carefully through the strainer. The spent herbs will remain behind as the infused water goes into the bowl. After you strain the spent herbs out of the water, discard the remains.
Step6.Add the castile soap to the herbal water. Measure out 6-ounces of liquid castile soap. Slowly pour the soap into the bowl with the infused water. Mix the substances together gently as you pour in the soap. The water is probably still very hot, so be careful not to splash
Step7.Add the Aloe-Vera gel, jojoba and essential oils. Measure out and add 2-tablespoons of Aloe-Vera gel and ½-teaspoon of jojoba-oil. Carefully add them to the bowl one at a time, stirring constantly. Mix the ingredients together well.
• If you are using essential-oils, add them now. Remember, don’t use more than 40-50 drops of the essential-oils. Stir well.
And step8.Bottle the shampoo mixture. Use a funnel to carefully pour the shampoo mixture into a plastic or glass container that will hold about 3-cups
If you used dried herbs you must store the bottle in the refrigerator
If you did not use dried herbs you can safely store the entire bottle in your shower
Always shake the bottle gently before you use the shampoo.