How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes and Dark Circles

Swelling under the eyes can appear at any age, and is annoying since the skin under your eyes is always exposed. This swelling makes us look older and, in most cases, is a sign of fatigue and lack of sleep. It can also originate genetically, or due to water retention, allergies, or reactions to medicines. If you suffer from this problem, here are some natural alternatives that can help you: - Potatoes - Cucumber - Cold Compresses - Green Tea Resting is the most important step. You should get at least 8 hours a day. The fatigue that comes with a a bad night's sleep is one of the main causes of swelling. If you don't rest, none of these remedies will be able to help you. You should also avoid eating salt, since it causes water retention. You should also drink lots of water. If you normally rub your eyes, try to stop. This can irritate your eyes, making the problem worse. Since this problem can also be caused by an allergy, check and see if any of the cosmetics that you use are causing the swelling. Always get a good night's sleep and try to follow some of our tips. The swelling will reduce in no time.
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