Get Rid Of Mice and Spiders Naturally and Keep Them Away

Have you got problems with rodents and insects in your home? Does your budget not allow for expensive monthly exterminator bills?
I’ve got good news. You’ve probably throwing away something every week, that could help you solve the problems you’re having with the unwanted house guests you keep seeing. It’s called a tea bag.
I’ll teach you how to get rid of mice and spiders naturally and effectively without spending a ton of money on a professional exterminator. A used bag of peppermint tea may just give you the results you need in under a week’s time. It’s easy and it’s cheap.
Just brew a pot of peppermint tea. Then take the used tea bags and distribute them in the places where you know that your “little friends” have visited. In just a few days, your home will be free from mice and spiders.
Don’t be shy with the tea bags! For optimum results, put 4 bags in each corner.
Maybe you don’t like peppermint tea. If not, try adding up to 15 drops of scented peppermint oil to a spray bottle and spray the areas where the mice or spiders have been appearing. This way, you’ll not only take care of your problem, but you can have a great smelling home too!
Some people prefer using cinnamon oil or lemon oil. They do the trick too!
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