Do you have problems with high uric acid? Find out how to treat it with a natural recipe

Do you have problems with high uric acid? Find out how to treat it with a natural recipe!
During the digestive process, uric acid is a substance produced by our body when food is broken down.
To eliminate it, our cells dissolve it and carry it in the blood stream to our kidneys where it gets expelled.
Next, the kidneys filter the blood and get rid of the residue through our urine.
When there is a build up of uric acid, there is an imbalance in the tissue, either because our body is producing too much or because it’s not eliminating it properly.
This condition is called hyperuricemia and, with time, it could form crystals that affect our renal and joint health.
Thankfully, there are natural elements whose properties help lower high uric acid by helping our body detox more effectively.
Both artichoke and lemon help control inflammation, due to their diuretic and purifying properties that lower high uric acid.
Lemon and artichoke juice is a detox drink, rich in vitamins and minerals that offers a variety of benefits for our body’s health.
With very few calories, this juice helps regulate the triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and also helps you lose weight.
Its digestive properties are used to treat inflammatory diseases like the ones that cause high uric acid.
Furthermore, rich in antioxidants, this recipe helps stop cellular damage and prevent premature tissue deterioration.
2 medium artichokes
The juice of 1 lemon
1 liter of water
Cut the artichokes and boil them in the liter of water. When the artichokes are nice and soft, add the lemon juice and let it cool until the mixture reaches ideal drinking temperature.
Strain the mixture and drink some half an hour before every meal.
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