After Watching This You Will Never Throw Away Eggshells

Many people know that eggs are highly nutritious, full of protein, calcium and essential minerals. This is why millions of people eat eggs each day. However, what about their shells?
Believe it or not, egg shells are the best natural source of calcium that the body absorbs the easiest. The calcium is the exact same as the calcium found in human bones and teeth. Calcium is also essential for the proper function of your muscles and nerves.
The human body has no issue absorbing the powder made by crushed eggshells, per a study done by the US National Institute of Health. The eggshells also help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as making bones strong.
One half of a tablespoon of eggshell powder gives your body 90% of the daily recommended amount of calcium, approximately 1000 to 1500mg.
To make the eggshell powder, just follow this simple recipe:
First, you need to boil your eggs for 10 minutes. This will help you get rid of any detrimental bacteria.
Then, you need to cool them.
Crush their shells so that you get a powder.
Make sure you keep the powder in a sterilized glass jar.
This powder can be used as a calcium supplement, or an addition to your smoothies and cereals.
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