6 Things That Happen When You Drink Turmeric Water Daily - Turmeric Health Benefits and Uses

Grandmothers have lots of wisdom. They often teach us about different topics and many times know exactly which ingredients they have in their kitchen that fight different ailments.
Only when we get older, do we realize how much grandma knew what she was talking about.
Now, science is teaching us exactly what grandma tried to so many years ago. Certain natural ingredients help relieve specific symptoms, often doing so much more effectively and safely than industrialized medications.
Being holistic in our approach to health, we can see the benefits of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and the proper amount of rest. Together they work to give us a high quality of life.
One of these ingredients that your grandmother may have tried to teach you about is turmeric. Although she may have included it in her favorite recipes, simply adding it to a a warm glass of water in the morning before breakfast can yield fantastic results.
Here’s what it’s capable of:
1. Fighting diabetes
One study discovered that mixing warm water and turmeric helps prevent type 2 diabetes. It’s also capable of reducing the effects of this debilitating disease by bringing about certain changes in key hormones.
2. Slowing down the effects of aging
Because it spurs our bodies to produce healthier cells, turmeric mixed with warm water slows down how quickly we age. It promotes better circulation and allows us to look and feel younger at the same time.
3. Preventing Cancer
Drinking this powerful mixture on an empty stomach fights to curb the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Turmeric does this by providing more alkaline to your cells. Doing this counters the unhealthy multiplication of cells.
4. Reducing Inflammation
A powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric reduces swelling and inflammation in the body. So, it helps relieve several annoying issues like sore throats, joint pain, and ulcers. It can also reduce the symptoms of arthritis.
5. Improving Cognitive Function
Researchers believe that turmeric and water can actually lead to a healthier brain. Together they work to improve cognitive function, fight dementia, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
6. Aiding in Digestion
Turmeric rids our bodies of toxins and helps expel harmful waste. By keeping our digestive tracts free from these substances, it provides a better environment for the growth of good bacteria.
Preparing this powerful mixture is simple:
Add 2 teaspoons of turmeric to 1 glass of warm water. Be sure to stir the turmeric in well, and drink it every morning. Take it up a notch by adding a sprinkle of black pepper to allow the body to absorb the turmeric even more.
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