What then is my age? - Riddle Time - Answer

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I am twice as old as three times the age of
the Sphinx of Gazia, Agamamnus,
divided by one-ninth the age of
the Sphinx of Canus, Igon,
who left this world twenty-six years ago.
What then is my age?


This "twenty-six years ago" is apparently to make we think of 26 letters of the alphabet. Assuming that every letter corresponds to its number in the alphabet, if we decode 'Agamamnus', his age would be 1 (A=1) + 7 (g=7) +1+13+1+13+14+21+19=90. Also with the same decoding way, we had Igon's age: 9+7+16+14=45. Putting these number into the riddle, the age is: 

(2*3*Agamamnus) / ((1/9) * Igon) = (2*3*90) / ((1/9)*45) = 540 / 5 = 108