8 Of The Cutest Pets You Could Ever Own

Cutest Ever!
A compilation of some of the cutest pets you could possibly own. All animals are cute and funny in their own way but this list is going to focus on some of the more unusual ones that you rarely see..

The African pygmy hedgehog it was was first bred in captivity in the us and its a hybrid of the four toed Hedgehog and the Algerian Hedgehog.
They are apparently quite hard to look after and will need lots of care and attention to tame them, but judging by thE pictures, i believe it would all be worth it!

There is a lot of wild animals that shouldn't really be kept as pets but a lot of them end up as pets because they were found injured or lost wandering in the woods
or found next to their parents bodies after a road accident etc.
So in a lot of cases they wouldn't really stand much chances of surviving on their own.
Take for example these super cute Dik Diks.
A Dik Dik is the name for any of four species of small antelope that live in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa and they can grow to around 19 to 27 inches tall.
They only live to about 10 years of age and they are called Dik Diks because of the sound they make. 

This next one is called a Leopard Gecko and my brother actually used to have one, they're a little bit weird.
You could put it on your arms or your face and it would just scamper around all over you body and it was the strangest feeling ever but they were so much fun!
The Leopard gecko is a lizard that can be found in parts of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan and whilst i know they don't look as cute as some of the others on this list, i promise you if you ever met one and held it, you'd fall in love!
They make awesome pets because they're super easy to look after they're entertaining and they're family friendly, i mean they wont run up and bite you or claw your eyes out.

This one goes by quite a few names such as the micro pig, teacup pig, nano pig and pocket pig.
The micro pig was first developed for medical uses but they became quite popular as their size allowed them to become household pets.
I mean you cant really have a normal huge grunting pig as a household pet, well you could but there's going to be a few problems along the way.
These pocket pig can weigh up to 68 kilograms and be 15 inches tall when fully grown and they look like they'd be a little bundle of cuteness and fun.

The Pygmy goat is a breed of miniature domestic goat and they are just absolutely adorable.
They never grow any taller than 23 inches and they'd be such a fun little pet to have around the home, that's if you could put up with their noise!
They gained popularity not just because of their size but also because they're great pets, they're very friendly and have great personalities.

This one is pretty awesome very cute and guaranteed to put a little smile on your face.
They're called sugar gliders they can be found naturally gliding from tree to tree in the rain forests of Australia and Indonesia
You may have already seen one of these or heard of them because they are quite popular but a lot of people believe them to be rodents, that's not true!
Surprisingly they're from the same family as Kangaroos and Koala Bears.

Have you ever heard of anyone keeping a Fox as a pet? i definitely haven't but strangely some people do.
I know a lot of people think that Foxes are just to dangerous to own as a pet and that you'll most probably get bitten somewhere down the line, but that's simply not true!
When they become domesticated foxes have shown to be very loyal and loving but also very very smelly.

Squirrels are cute as they are but have you ever seen a baby squirrel? I haven't and squirrels are quite common here in England but again i've never ever seen a baby one!?
Squirrels do need a lot of specialized care and attention to become domesticated and even when domesticated they are still known to bite.
In most counties its it illegal to own one but If your lucky enough to be to come across one and be allowed to keep it and you can put it with the occasional bite,
then i'm sure having a squirrel would be quite rewarding as they're super cute and fun to watch.