13 Amazing Land Formations

Did you know that there is a Grand Canyon impostor in China? From the mysterious Moeraki Boulders, to the most unreal granite town, these are 13 AMAZING Land Formations !

Lot’s Wife -- If you recall the story of Lot’s wife, she turned to look back at Sodom and was turned into a pillar of salt.  Near the Dead Sea at Mount Sodom in Israel, there is a column which is said to be a pillar of salt .. although it looks more like stone to us.  But it does have a human like appearance … although the column is said to measure over 60 feet high.  If that’s truly Lot’s wife, maybe giants really did walk the earth back when.

Granite Town -- -- Some bizarre rock formations standing up to 65 feet tall were recently discovered in some 2,000 miles away from Yakutsk, one of the coldest and most secluded cities in Russia.  It’s being called a “Granite Town” because many of the siberian rock formations resemble skyscrapers towering over the landscape … and the buttes look like towns in the tundra  but the location is more formally known as Sundrun (sun-dronn) Pillars.   The incredible scenery is found in the Ulakhan-Sis mountain range, above the Arctic Circle … and many of the formations look as if they were sculpted by humans hands.  But the shapes are thought to have been formed by the constant thawing and freezing of the sandstone and surrounding granite.  
Some people think the rock formations are reminiscent of soldiers that were petrified while marching forward …  Others find similarities to the famous statues found on Easter Islands.  What different shapes can you see in the photos … people, landscapes … animals, maybe? 

A Higher Perspective! -- How about checking out some land formations from a really amazing angle …like outer space?  Earlier in 2016, the crew of the International Space Station captured some amazing pictures of some of the earth’s land formations from 249 miles above the Earth!  Her’s 4 examples of what they saw:  

You can see sand dunes in the central Algerian desert as they encroach onto the surrounding landscape.  It’s thought that pictures like these can help researchers who study the Earth’s ongoing environmental changes.

(2) Does it look like a scene from Lord of the Rings?  Not quite … it’s actually a high oblique view of the snow-draped peaks of the Himalayan Mountains.  No word on if the Space Station spied any Yetis … or Hobbits, for that matter. 

(3)  Did we throw in a Moon shot by mistake?  Nope.  This amazing land formation is found on planet Earth … It’s an extinct volcano in the southwest region of the African Brukkaros (brock-rose)  Mountains in Namibia.  Would you have guessed the peak rises over 5,200 feet?

(4) Here’s a picture of a huge ice field in southern Patagonia … You can see how it swirls into Lake Viedma (veed-ma), near the Patagonian Andes between Chile and Argentina.  So … Does seeing these pictures from the space station give you a different perspective on things?

What an awesome view of the Grand Canyon, right?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, it is an awesome view … but no, it’s not the Grand Canyon.  In fact, you’d have to travel almost 7,000 miles east of Arizona’s natural wonder to find Charyn (chair-un) Canyon … located in Asia.  Charyn Canyon stretches some 56 miles across Kazakhstan … and its large river and fiery red sandstone rock formations have earned it the nickname of Grand Canyon’s little brother … that’s because the elder Canyon measures 277 miles long.  But take a look at these pictures, and you can see the striking similarities … and some people think the Asian canyon’s beauty rivals or even exceeds that of its more famous relative.  After seeing these amazing pictures, you might be tempted to visit … but keep in mind, summer temperatures can be excruciatingly hot, although tourists can swim or kayak in the river.  And you’re advised to carry your own food and water, because there aren’t many food outlets or shops … but you mind find some locals selling fresh produce.  One thing’s for sure … you’ll come back with some breathtaking pictures!